Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction has proved to be incredibly problematic regarding the sexual performance in many men. It is when a man cannot keep a penis erect for the duration of intercourse or just can’t get one entirely. This may come off as something that’s not important but it is. We will delve into the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, causes, and treatments.



The symptoms are quite obvious, thus they should be noticed immediately. The known symptoms for erectile dysfunction are anxiety, trouble maintaining a lasting erection, soft erections, and mostly trouble even forming an erection. Symptoms can be caused by numerous reasons.


Causes for ED range significantly despite a specific symptom. Blood vessel disease can be formed from being overweight, smoking can increase the risk of your arteries hardening, thus restricting the blood flow to your penis, substance use can restrict blood flow as well, and even having a few drinks a day can restrict the blood flow and harm the production of testosterone. Even psychological factors play an important role in ED, such as stress from a job or money-related complication, depression anxiety, and guilt. Many medications also manifest their effects into causes for ED, like antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, antihistamines, muscle relaxants, chemotherapy drugs, etc. Thanks to Best ED Medicines Online ED can now be treated.


Luckily, the iconic “blue pill”, Viagra, is famously known for treating ED in just thirty minutes! The active ingredient in Viagra issildenafil, which relaxes muscles and increases blood flow directly to the penis, allowing for the affected man to sustain an erect penis for a while without the interruption of ED. However, Viagra can only work when the man is sexually stimulated and has proven to help with almost all varying degrees of erectile dysfunction! For the best treatment, we recommend best Viagra for ED